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"you can achieve anything which you aspire to achieve." "you can become whatever you aspire to become". -Bhagavad Gita

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

HumanAccomplishment(Universal Law Of LIFE Part II)

Before you read this read Law Of attraction PartI
Law ofAttraction(part2):

we can not only “achieve anything we want to achieve.”

We can also “become anything we aspire to become.”

The only way to transform the negative patterns we have created and instilled in our lives is to establish an inner reorientation toward our own personal role in the creation of our destiny. This can be initiated by putting an end to focusing on what we do not want; concepts typically fueled by various fears, the unhappy past, unhealthy self-images, painful childhood memories, and destructive conditioning from childhood years. Whatever has been “done” in our life can be “undone” through a shift in our awareness. By adopting a path of inner discipline, self-knowledge, and self-search, we gain the ability to transform our lives according to our intentions.
Everything we bring into our lives we bring because of this supreme law and one of the most empowering aspects of it is that because we are responsible for creating what has shown up in our lives, we automatically retain the ability to recreate our lives into something else. At each and every moment, we are given the opportunity to shift our thoughts and redefine our circumstances and reality. Even if we do not have right at this moment what we are seeking, by focusing on and generating the feelings within ourselves of the love that surrounds us, the prosperity in our life, a state of radiant health, etc, the universe will correspond to that inner feeling and manifest that which we seek. In order to perpetuate a steady stream of positive forces in our life, it is paramount to sustain the good feelings we are having as these create the energy going out into the universe as signals, bringing back to us more of the same.
The more elevating your feelings are, the more you can attract the positive forces in our life, which cause you to feel elevated! There are times when life presents us with obstacles to feeling good yet there are proactive exercises within our very close reach which can immediately shift a feeling of powerlessness to that of heightened empowerment. For example, when you are feeling low, you can instantaneously change your mood by listening to a beautiful piece of music, by looking at an image of something inspiring or someone who evokes a happy, loving or positive feeling within you. The Law of Attraction is all around us and evidenced in our society. We will notice that a person who speaks and dwells the most on illness, experiences illness in his or her life. We will also observe that the person who speaks most of prosperity is surrounded by it.
We are the magnets, which attract our lifestyles, relationships, circumstances and opportunities. At first glance, it may seem that monitoring our millions of thoughts per day is a colossal task. There are so many thoughts coming to us from so many different directions about a seemingly infinite number of sources. Our emotions provide us with an internal guidance system, a mechanism that helps us to understand what we are thinking. Our thoughts activate feelings, which produce emotions letting us know what it is we are attracting. There are only two emotions from the human perspective; one feels good and the other feels bad. This emotional guidance system lets us know if we are on track or not.
The better we feel, the more in alignment we are. The worse we feel, the more out of alignment we are. Whatever it is we are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming. More precisely, we are manifesting that which we are “feeling” about more so than that which we are “thinking” about which is why we need to put our passion into experiencing how we want to feel RIGHT NOW so that we can magnetize more of that same sensation. If we start out having a good day and we are in that particular happy feeling, as long as we do not allow something to change our mood, by the Law of Attraction, we are going to continue to attract more situations, circumstances and people that sustain that happy feeling. The creative process is a three-step process. The first of which is to DECIDE what you want, ASK for it and in every fiber of our being, BELIEVE that you can have it. Even more effectively, ask in terms of images by visualizing what you are asking for in your mind in the PRESENT tense.
For example, picture yourself in a loving, fulfilling relationship – right now, and not in the future because the future is the unshaped unknown and will always be far away … in the future. The second step is to allow the universe to ANSWER to what it is that you are asking. If we are willing to step aside, the universe will do this for us by rearranging itself to respond to the thought that we have set in motion. The third step is to be genuinely ready and willing to RECEIVE by bringing yourself into alignment with what you are asking.
How long it takes depends on how in alignment with the universe you are. We will know that we are on the right track when the events in our life bring us joy and aliveness. We do not need to know how the universe is going to manifest for us in the same way that we do not need to create oxygen just to be able to breathe it. Our living universe is proof that we are able to rely on a form of intelligence other than our own. Jack Canfield, best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul explains: “Most of us have never allowed ourselves to want what we truly want because we can’t see how it’s going to manifest.” Whatever our circumstances right now, that is only our current reality. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck because we continue to think the same thoughts over and over again and so we tend to get the same results over and over again. The reason is because most people tend to offer the majority of their thought in response to what they are observing at any given time.
If we are putting our attention on “what is” for example, a huge pile of overdue bills in the mail, the Law of Attraction gives you more of it. In order to create a shift in where we put our attention, we must find a way to approach our current state of affairs from a different vantage point. Shifting one’s energy is a very powerful process. There are two highly proven ways to engender transformative conditions in our life. The first is to focus on GRATITUDE. We should choose to feel gratitude for what we already have in our life right now.
Do not focus on what we don’t have and what the problems are. By putting our attention on what we are grateful for right now, we begin to attract more things to be grateful for! Gratitude and appreciation pull things in and attract cosmic support. Obsessing about what is missing in our life actually causes us to channel our energy into missing even more! VISUALIZATION is the technique of making things as real as possible in our mind.
By using this technique, we conjure up as real a feeling as possible because it is the feeling and inner seeing that creates the attraction. And the feeling and inner seeing is the open gateway through which the power of the universe will begin to express. We should live the experience in our mind as if it has already manifested. It is critical to always and only dwell upon the END RESULT of what we want and rest assured, the universe always knows the shortest, most expedient and the most harmonious way between us and our dream.
Buddha said: “All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.” When we begin to guide our thoughts based on the way they make us feel, we begin to notice the correlation between what we are feeling and thinking and what is coming into our life. This is when we can exult in the knowledge that it is we who are both the creator and also the visionary of our own reality.

This was Source was the Article written by Michele Faro, “Mastering your Reality: Law of Attraction”, Consecration Magazine, March 2007, www.lordkrishna.net .One of the Best Magazine ,which do research till the deep root come in and even deep .If you regularly read the magazine you see the reversal of your life.

For more info and deep analysis on this topic http://humanscience.wikia.com/wiki/Law_of_Attraction"

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