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"you can achieve anything which you aspire to achieve." "you can become whatever you aspire to become". -Bhagavad Gita

Monday, March 12, 2007

Opportunities Are Like a Air in the Atmospere in the Form of Online and Offline!(Entrepreneur)

" The Impulse form of matter or the impulse towards mind
which she planted in certain forms of life(quote to remember)"
Opportunities are under our feet!Self Employment -Allowing yourself to work for you and helps you to evolve out of you.Earth and Space plays vital role in today's busy world.
Older Pendulum says
"There is plenty of time ...
There is plenty of time ...
There is plenty of time ..."
contradictorily Modern day pendulum says
Time to get busy... /There is no time...
Time to get busy... /There is no time...
Time to get busy... /There is no time...
Yes! Time is a precious commodity in our earth as long as the power of Money and Trading stays.In single Word purchasing power .
"Slow and Study Wins the race..."
Patience is Most important.Modern Day people's are too impatient !T hey want to achieve everything within a NIGHT .This is where Mistakes comes into existence.
Read What Tortoise teaches you .
Moreover opportunities are like air in the atmosphere .It is above your head, its below your feet ,its back to you,its in front of you,its around you,its seeks you... Finally we won't see it!
Formula is " You should not miss any single opportunity which comes to you " If you carefully see your surroundings and acted according to that means you will succeed.(stay here try to find out the concept given here 'problem and opportunity')
If you miss that what will happen ? Again it seeks you in the form of problem Where you have apply your own effort and energy to find out the opportunity which is hidden inside the problem.
"Silence is the solution for all the problem"
Long ago And Now:
Before 1950's,there is a only one chance yo do business (ENTREPRENEUR) that is in real world.Today Technology replaced that barrier by introducing computer with WWW .We still don't realise Opportunity of this Gift.We know something about it and many of us don't know the role play played by computer and the Money generated by it.
Famous E-preneur says
"I Know Billions of Money spend over the Internet ,
I don't want all of it ,I want to be a part of it"
Then What is your philosophy?
Self-employment(Entrepreneurship) can be achieved in two ways :
2.OFFLINE(Real World)
Today we are going talk about Online story as we are sitting and reading this article.There are Tons of information are available irrespective of all the fields.
Secret is people Need
Information... Information... Information...
Every one knows something irrespective of age,education,..
Point Is you too know something! Convert that knowledge into Rich Readable Content.
That is the power of Online.
For that you need guidance to success over online Ethical Guidance .Internet is consider as exceptional ... It provides millions of Opportunity as well as millions millions of thread and hackers!
So you Need to seek SOMEONE guidance...
GO to http://www.seekluck.com/ .Author is Ken GOLD. He will give Genuine,reasonable,achievable advice to achieve Online as well as Offline HOW to turn your hobby into how to make money(income)?. Note:Honestly! I will not get paid by referring you to him.See you with some other new strategy next time . Keep an eye! over this blog. It cost you 5 minutes and the fees you are going pay for that time... Good Luck!

Human Fate InThis Divine EARTH!(Spirtuality Poem)

"If life that Wonders seekin for its aim
In the pale strliht telling from thoughts skies"
And truth and freedom inthe growing soul
Our LIFE was born in pain and with cry
Although earth marvel welcomes the heaven's breath
Insiring Matter with will to live,Our bodies are engine cunningly made,
But for all its parts as cunningare planned
contrieved ingeniously with demon skill,
Its Apt enevitable heritage
Of mortal danger and peculiar pain,
Its payment of the tax of Time and fate.
Its way to suffer was its wsasy to die
This is the ransom of high estate.
The sign and stamp are our humanity
A grisley companyof maladies
come, licensed lodgers,into man's bodyhoise,
Purveyors of death and torture of life
In the malingnant hollows of the world,
In its subconconcient caavern passage
Anbushed they lie waiting the hour
surruonding with danger of leap,thesieged city if life.
Admitted into the citadel of man's days
They mine his fore and amn or suddenly kill
Ourself within us lethal fores nurse;
We make of our enemies our guest
out of their holes like beasts they creap and grow
The chords of the divine muscians lure
Till trayed and thin the music dies away
or crashing snaps with a last tragic note
All that we strive to be alters like a dream
In the grey step of human things
a treasure missspent or cheaply,fruitlessly sold
In the bazaar of a blind destiny,
A gift of priceless value from time's gods
Lost or mislead in an uncaring world,
Life is a marvel missed an art gone way ;
A seeker in dark and obscure place,
An ill armed warrior facing dreadful odds
An imperfect worker given a baffling task,
An Ignorance judge of problems Ignorance made ,
It's heaven word flights reach closed and layless gates,
It's glorious outbursts prefer out in mire
On nature's gift to man a curse was laid.

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