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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Human Accomplishment(Universal Law Of Life Part I)

The Law ofAttraction(PART 1):
"Human Beings are capable of whatever they want"

Every human being at some point of life contemplates what or who governs the state of his existence on earth. We can’t help but compare our lifestyles, achievements and emotional outlook to that of others.
What we all yearn for is a sense of self-navigation for the purpose of creating a finer and more enhanced life experience. This can apply to the attainment of any one of our individual desires and includes but is not limited to: the manifestation of our personal goals and prosperity in all of its many forms, fulfilling relationships, spiritual ascension, optimum health and access to the unquestionable reservoir of joy inherent in life itself.

There exist natural laws in our universe which operate with precision and whether we are aware of them or not, these laws profoundly affect our lives. One such law, which we irrefutably accept is the Law of Gravity. Another, which has taken quite a bit of time to reach the mass populous, is the Law of Attraction. By activating our awareness while interacting with this law, simply by living our lives and thinking our thoughts, we witness brilliant and outstanding qualities of an intrinsic nature within the inescapable Law of Attraction.

We notice that this Law is: (1) structured specifically for the operative human mind; and (2) is designed with unequivocal accuracy in correspondence to the manner and degree to which it is used. As one of the most powerful truths of creation, the Law of Attraction says that: “like attracts like”. Further distillation of this concept reveals that: “thoughts become things”. In other words, “you become what you think about most” and “you attract what you think about most.”

As the human race, we are all working with one infinite power and guide ourselves by exactly the same laws. Everything that shows up in our lives, we are drawing into our lives simply by the images we retain in our minds and through our feelings, which design our own personal energy fields. This is so because the mind is a field of energy and information, which establishes the foundation to understand how every idea and everything in the physical world is also comprised of energy and information.

The universe is a huge reflection of yourself in your own consciousness and wherever you go, you are broadcasting who you are at this very intimate level. Science has shown us that every thought has a frequency and by putting your attention on any one thought, and by also imagining what that thought would look like as an image, you are emitting and enabling that frequency on a consistent basis. That very thought you are focusing on can be about anything: a new car, a soul mate, increased financial wealth, the building of a corporate empire, and whatever else you can create in your mind.

Have you ever noticed how on certain days you awaken in the morning with a positive attitude generated by the rejuvenating feeling of a good night’s sleep imparting a natural or even heightened sense of well being. You then progress through your day with the experience of a harmonious flow and satisfying productivity whereby everyone you encounter seems bright, friendly, and receptive toward you? This scenario is the Law of Attraction in motion. This boundless field of intelligence is everywhere manifesting itself in everything.

Every human being erects the world in which he or she lives and everything and everyone that manifests in your life is an expression of where your awareness has been, what your thoughts have been, and what you have been putting your attention on. Whatever it is that you put your attention on, grows and expands and whatever is going on in your mind, you are drawing into your life and energy field simply by virtue of the images you are holding in your mind and more specifically, the feelings which those images evoke within you. Your thoughts send out a symbol, which draws what we term a “reflection-like” parallel back to you so that if you see to yourself living in abundance, you will attract it. Conversely, see yourself living in lack and loneliness and this too will be what manifests in your physical surroundings.

Dating back to ancient civilizations, the Law of Attraction has been a universal truth known and understood by only a small proportion of society and historical luminaries. Perhaps this is why even today, only 20 per cent of the population reaps approximately 80 per cent of all of the money that is being earned. People who understand the true nature of reality are those whom some traditions refer to as “enlightened.” The first step to living this way is to understand the nature of the creative process. We discover that by applying attention and intention to our thoughts, we can create specific outcomes in our lives and that every act, attitude, and feeling has its form; all of which represent the natural outcome of what a person will manifest in their life. Building your life with intention is a direct result of understanding and of corresponding decision.

When we learn to live from this level of understanding we become aware of the self made patterns and rhythms that govern all of life whether they are on a conscious or unconscious level. The Law of Attraction is automatic and impersonal. It does not care whether you perceive something to be good or bad; whether you don’t want or do want that particular thing. When you are passionate about something that you want, you are activating a thought and the Law of Attraction is responding to that thought and bringing you the things and conditions that match your thoughts and feelings. The very same principle applies to being passionate about something that you DON’T want. By sustaining a very negative reaction to this thing that you don’t want, you are actually not pushing it away. In fact, you are dedicating ample focus and attention to this negative thought in your mind and empowering it in the very same way you empowered the positive thought. Instead of pushing it away, you activate the very thought of what you do not want.

A common example of this would be looking at a mountain of debt and feeling despair about it. That is the signal you are putting out into the universe and the universe will respond back to you with more of the same. As a matter of fact, when you focus on something with amplified passion, it manifests even faster whether it is something desirable or undesirable. The challenge of transforming our lives lies in the fact that most people put their attention on what it is they don’t want and they wonder why it shows up over and over again. Creation is always taking place. Whenever someone is having an extended or repetitive thought, something is sure to manifest out of those thoughts.

The Law of Attraction says: “We will give you whatever it is you focus on.” So if you focus or complain about how bad things are, then you are perpetuating that very same condition. If we are very positive in our outlook and orientation, we tend to attract positive, supportive people, relationships and events into our lives. However if we are very angry in our orientation, we tend to attract negative, angry people, and negative, angry circumstances. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep in the forefront of our mind that we end up attracting to us the predominant thought that we hold in our awareness.

Most of us attract by default. We think we do not have any control over what manifests in our lives and that everything is dispensed to us as predetermined destiny of which we have no choice or say in. Yet everything that surrounds us in our life right now, including all of the things we are complaining about, we have attracted. This, for most people is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp, but once we have accepted it, it is life altering.

Rest of the course in part2:

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