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"you can achieve anything which you aspire to achieve." "you can become whatever you aspire to become". -Bhagavad Gita

Friday, March 9, 2007

Purpose of Human Life?(Education)how?

"Each year a mile upon a heavenly way"(remember for your progress)
Full purpose of human life all about that is in the individual man and help himself to enter into the right relation with the life,mind and soul of him odf which he himself is a unit and his people and is the combination of nation . If the single unit is not good then the whole nation will be? get
eg,1. if one through waste paper in the public others do the same... then what is result? you know
2.If any one quite job and giving statement "I am my own Boss?" others too copy...

Do you know? "children first learns to copy"

"With just a little education and practice on how to manage your emotions, you can move into a new experience of life so rewarding that you will be motivated to keep on managing your emotional nature in order to sustain it. The payoff is delicious in terms of improved quality of life."
-Doc Childre

Education reflects his attitude,his character,his personality,values,truthful,courageous,generous,his behaviour....

Remember ,
"your single action can shake the world"(red for remember!Use this tool)
Your nation and this whole earth depends on your whole activity.
How important you are ? and me? how worth you are? really...
It's time to realise our true potential.
"A casket void dropped on a careless soil;
A choice less rare may call a happier fate"('R ' for remember)

"An Aimless Life is always a miserable Life"
Everyone of you should have an Aim. But do not forget that
"On the quality of your Aim will depend the Quality of your Life"(quality)

Your Aim should be h-i-g-h and w-i-d-e(read letter by letter),generous,and disintersted :this will make your Life precious to yourself and others.
But whatever your ideal it cannot be perfectly realised unless you have realised perfection in yourself" Hold! (conentrate! find what is the message for you?)

"There is no other victory than that of controlling onself"(message for you)

I attended "National Economic Planning"(MBA,IIPM)
Our STAFF gave wonderful lecture ...

Emotional message for us ...
work hard ' everyone in your place looking for you how you are going to by....
your parents who invested money for you(borrowing from someone or ...) Our surroudings
Your loved ones , friends... I feel deep rooted gratitude towards his speech!

Now you come to know about the Purspose
well!Rest message! finally how to work for your perfection...? look for it (keep all these in your e-mail desk!) Add to my google or my yahoo or subscribe it by feed . It reduce your time no need to open evey time.

How Harmony can Strong our Health?

"It's bid thee strength thy underliying spirit"
Each individual taken as evolvin soul ,in an evolving earth.Each individual carries within itself different levels body(physical),the emotion and energy(vital) and mind.

Health will be stronged when harmony at all these levels are maintained.
Disequillibrium brings disease.

Our body is as complicated as universe and it has it own uniqueness especially Human body.
Principle is our body is the intrument of darkness.Don't give up your hope!
At the same it has the ability to achieve any it like .This opportunity not given to any other living being.

Generally 1 out of 1000 disease need treatment for which we need treatment . Rest are all not aceppted as diseases even though when the mind start to aquire Fear-conflicts-osscillation-doubts are the core entrance for the desease to our body.This can be stopped by becoming a concious being.Imagination of Light in your body where the disease cause can cure the rest of the deseases.
"Each dawn open into a larger light"
As well, You must know the importance of the your presence in this universe ?
or awareness will reveal you to open your closed ingnorant eye.

"Rediscovering our deeper selfs
health as harmony and the discovery of the psychic"
-soul principle
How many days we say excuses to ourself by not taking food in the morning during the rush hour to our office,school,etc...

An illness of the body is always the outer expression and translation of a disorder .In other side this not acceptable thing taken into a good way.Disharmony in the inner being allow illness at the same time it ives a chance to progress to find the lackness of our own concious "Can we say that as Ignorance"
" Keep your H-E-A-L-T-H fit or find your I-G-N-O-R-A-N-C-E"
We see some more interesting topics. Steps to take care of our Health and this blog has message for you it would like to sing a song for you silently and say something about this blog author (very interesting)...
look for it !

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