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"you can achieve anything which you aspire to achieve." "you can become whatever you aspire to become". -Bhagavad Gita

Sunday, March 11, 2007

You Are Qualified for Self-Employment(ENTREPRENEUR)!

"Thy acts are thy Helper,all events ae signs "(understand it!Memorise it ! use it )
Take every happening in right attitude

Everyone are Unique intheir own way.There is no other compensation for his uniqueness.It's your Soul Duty to find out that Diamond in you.You are created created by nature. So he himself is a part of nature. You have everything in you .Stand in your own thouhts and your smart work (hard work +intelligent).
"All in ONE and ONE in A ll"
Remember that! you have to work for you for your growth, in another sense you have to work for your creator i.e Nature.
Devote Your Golden time ,your invaluable creativity,your hardwork.Keep this thought always in your mind even though you are employed.
" Even though you are worst think that you are the Best
your thought will bring you the Best in you"
Don't have a second thought of woking for others.You have to use your potential for your Growth and for your humanity Growth.
"Let him to multiply his own time
Let not his time to multiply other time other's
by employing yourself"
Bombard your creativity... Brainstorm your Mind... Work for you...
Even You earn Re.1 or $1.No Bother .
I hope you read the Foot ball is your life if not read here Know Life purpose .

Impotant of saying Self-Employment is to complete your duty in this earth. Remember the Foot Ball goal post.It can only done done by starting your Own venture If you choose Life.We are not Yogi but e have to fullfill our assigned job.We have life family we have to evolve also.Evolution of human in life Endeavour start with self employment.No matter WHAT you are ? Even though You are a ZERO.This is possible! This blog will give you all the neccessary thing,ideas,invite other authors to write article.

"Eventhuogh you know 30% do that 100%"

After the detailed and determined, carefull study . This blog comes in to existance!
This blog web address and description itself defined everything what is going to be inside?
We see some more interesting thing... which have already palnned

"Infinite Emerges from the finite"
If you succeed in your venture journey
you are a real "Yogi"
"Human being=Entrepreneur=yogi=goal post"
Did you understand this eaquation?certainly ? Am I right?

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